DECIBEL – 8/10 review (November issue) “Transcendentally rich.”

DECOY MUSIC – 3.5/4 online eview – “A Storm of Light have tightened the sound hinted at on their debut, offering an epic monolith of a record, rich in gloom, power, and textural layering. They are a bright spark in the darkness of doom metal, and their multitude of artistic integrity and vision will certainly lead to a devout followinG…”

MONTREAL MIRROR – 8.5/10 review – “Epic, sorrowful, cataclysmic and panoramic…”

TEETHOFTHEDEVINE.COM – online review- “After spending most of 2009 listening to decent-to-good-bordering-on-pretty-great albums, desperately awaiting something undeniably transcendent to cross my path, my prayers have been answered, loudly, by this ceaselessly creative, ultimately heavy and poignantly, almost overwhelmingly emotional release, an essential release in every sense of the word.”

THEOBELISK.NET — online review- “The overall tone is oppressively heavy and where the shifts between ambient and crushing were predictable and unsatisfying on And We Wept the Black Ocean Within, here they’re blended together for a new brand of musical heft that sets A Storm of Light apart…”