Nations To Flames European Tour 2014 with H A R K & MGR [Ex Isis]

Today we are pleased to announce the “Nations to Flames” tour across the UK and continental Europe with Welsh power trio Hark and M.G.R (aka Mike Gallagher from ISIS).

A Storm Of Light


Mustard Gas And Roses

11.04.14 Belgium TBA
12.04.14 Netherlands Tilburg Roadburn Festival
13.04.14 Germany Berlin Cassiopeia
14.04.14 Czech Republic Prague .007
15.04.14 Germany Leipzig Conne Island
16.04.14 Germany Hamburg Hafenklang
17.04.14 Denmark Copenhagen Underwerket
18.04.14 Norway Oslo Inferno Festival w/o HARK
19.04.14 Day Off
20.04.14 Germany Frankfurt Elfer
21.04.14 Germany München Backstage
22.04.14 Italy Bologna Freakout Club
23.04.14 Italy Rome Traffic
24.04.14 Italy Milano Lo Fi
25.04.14 France Clermont-Ferrand Raymond
26.04.14 Switzerland Martigny Les Caves du Manoir
27.04.14 Switzerland Luzern Schüür
28.04.14 Germany Stuttgart Juha West
29.04.14 Germany Köln Gebäude 9
30.04.14 Belgium Liege La Zone
01.05.14 UK London Birthday’s
02.05.14 UK Glasgow Audio
03.05.14 UK Bristol Temples Festival w/o HARK


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Album Review /

4.5/5 Stars.

On Nations to Flames, A Storm Of Light have an intensity that burns with the fire of creativity and artfulness while still relaying the message of how seriously doomed mankind is. It may not sound like Cathedral or Pentagram, but it’s still all about the doom.

A band that refuses to rehash the same formula has quite possibly brought us one of the year’s best releases.