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4.5/5 Stars.

On Nations to Flames, A Storm Of Light have an intensity that burns with the fire of creativity and artfulness while still relaying the message of how seriously doomed mankind is. It may not sound like Cathedral or Pentagram, but it’s still all about the doom.

A band that refuses to rehash the same formula has quite possibly brought us one of the year’s best releases.


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A Storm of Light – Lifeless

The guitars at the start of “Lifeless” hang slow and steady and mean, suggesting the convoluted doom that’s familiar from A Storm of Light’s previous output. But the drums are fast, seemingly caught in a perpetually tumbling roll. that holds until the riff falls in line with the rhythm and the song rolls ahead, like an especially swift battle tank moving into position. That’s largely the premise of Nations to Flames, which finds the New York trio speeding up its songs without slimming their heft much at all. When “Lifeless” heads for its coda, supporting the band’s full weight with drums that refuse to languish beneath it, the strategy feels loaded and wonderful. Southern Lord releases Nations to Flames on September 17.

By Grayson Haver Currin; August 21, 2013

Metal Sucks

Metal Sucks.

“A Storm of Light…are back to bring more of the epic doom goodness for which they’re known. I absolutely love the production and mixing on “Fall,” streaming courtesy of Revolver; it’s big and it’s clear, but it retains that rawness that’s so essential to this type of metal. Sonically speaking it reminds me a lot of Mastodon’s Leviathan…”