New band with members of A Storm of Light, Intronaut and Generation of Vipers
Featuring members of Intronaut, Generation of Vipers, A Storm of Light, Battle of Mice, Guiltless was born from a love of experimental rock, noise rock, early industrial, sludge, and doom. Guiltless present their EP, Thorns, arriving on Neurot Recordings on the 23rd Feb with the promise of a full-length to follow. 
Guiltless are; Billy Graves (Generation of Vipers, A Storm Of Light) on drums, Dan Hawkins (A Storm Of Light) on guitar and noise, Sacha Dunable (Intronaut) on bass, and Josh Graham (A Storm Of Light, Battle of Mice) on guitar, vocals, and noise. Together they present a stripped down, visceral reaction to modern life.
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Translation Loss
Southern Lord
Neurot Recordings
Profound Lore
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Indefinite Hiatus or Peace Out? Who knows. 

“If you want to invoke the apocalypse, it helps to read the runes first. A Storm Of Light, like Killing Joke, Anaal Nathrakh and Ministry, always sound as if they’re accelerating towards some all-encompassing moment of reckoning, but their fuel is an endless tank of genuine disgust, frustration and a keen eye on the belligerent shitshow unfolding all around us – a perspective that becomes a vividly psychedelic experience.” – Metal Hammer

A Storm of Light was founded by vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Josh Graham — a former member of the respected post-rock outfit, Red Sparowes, co-founder and song writer in the acclaimed Battle Of Mice, longtime visual artist in residence with the legendary Neurosis, and creative director for the almighty Soundgarden. The band’s consistently changing lineup is currently completed by Domenic Seita on bass, and Dan Hawkins on guitar. Guest musicians have included Kim Thayil of Soundgarden, Jarboe, Nerissa Campbell, Carla Kihlstedt of The Book Of Knots, Lydia Lunch and more.



Immense thank yous to everyone who have made this band possible. We’ve been able to play repeatedly across the globe with the support of friends, family and our compatriots: Billy Graves: Drums on Valley of Death & Nations to Flames / Gregory Simons – Live drums / Chris Common – drums on Anthroscene / Josh Holt – Live Guitar / Andrea Black – Live Guitar /  Will Lindsay – Guitar on Nations to Flames / Mathieu Vandekerckhove – Live Guitar / Nerissa Campbell – Vocals / Lydia Lunch – Spoken Word / Geoff Summers – Drums on Latitudes / Jarboe – Vocals / Carla Kihlstedt – Vocals / Andy Rice – drums on Forgive Us Our Trespasses / Vinny Signorelli – Drums on Primitive North / Pete Angevine – Drums on And We Wept / Kim Thayil – Guest Guitar Master / Joel Hamilton – Live guitar and Engineer / Mixer  / Travis Kammeyer – Engineer and Live Sound / Matt Bayless – Mixer /  Amak Golden – Live Sound / Jason Lupeituu – Live Sound / Dave Clark – Live Sound / Pete and Guy McKeag – Live Sound – / Neurot Recordings / Chris @ Profound Lore / Jurgen @ Burning World / Greg @Southern Lord / Allison @ Southern / Andy @ Robotic Empire / Mike and Nele @ Consouling / Drew and Christian @ Translation Loss / Ondra Novak and Tschepitz @ Nomads / Nanouk @ Avocado Booking / Hayden @ NMC Live / Chrissie Yiannou @ Positive Nuisance / Erik @ Tonedeaf / Susanne Herndorf @ Puschen / Matt and Merrick @ Kenmore / Converge / Neurosis / Sleep / Shrinebuilder / Corrosion of Conformity + more and more to come.